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CN Brown Electricity, LLC.

Terms of Service

Welcome and thank you for choosing CN Brown Electricity, LLC for your electricity supply needs. Please review your terms and conditions below carefully.

By checking the box next to Terms of Service, as well as clicking the submit button at the bottom of the enrollment page, you (“Customer”) acknowledge that you are authorizing CN Brown Electricity, LLC (“Supplier”) to serve your electricity account(s) listed in accordance with the below Terms of Service. Further, you are representing that you are duly authorized to make such a decision regarding the electricity account(s) listed.


1.       Rate: $X.XXX per kWh

Your new electricity rate is: $X.XXX per kWh, which will be fixed for 12 months from the first meter read you begin taking supply service from CN Brown Electricity, LLC.

2.       Term: 12 months

Your electricity rate will be fixed for 12 months. Your term shall begin from the first meter read date of service under CN Brown Electricity, LLC. At the end of your contract term, you will be automatically renewed at a new rate to be determined by CN Brown Electricity, LLC. 

Please note that change of service for electricity accounts may only take place on your designated meter read date, as set by your host utility. Therefore, your service can only be terminated or commenced by Supplier on each designated meter read day, which occurs once a month. As such you should allow for one to two invoice periods to pass before a change will be shown on your electricity bill.  

3.       Right of Rescission: You may rescind your selection of CN Brown Electricity, LLC as your competitive electricity provider as provided in these Terms of Service.

As ordered by the Maine Public Utilities Commission, you may rescind this offer of electricity supply as described in this paragraph.  Your rescission shall be effective if received by C.N. Brown Electricity, LLC no later than eight (8) calendar days after the C.N. Brown Electricity, LLC deposits the Terms of Service document in the U.S. mail system for first class delivery to the customer or no later than five (5) calendar days after C.N. Brown Electricity, LLC delivers the document personally to the customer or sends the document by electronic means to a customer who has agreed to receive the disclosures from the provider by electronic means. 
Customer rescissions received via electronic communication, MUST do so utilizing the instructions provided by CN Brown Electricity, LLC available on the website. Customers may not rescind over the phone, or via any other non-written form of communication.

4.       Cost Recovery Fee: $100

In the event that Customer does not fulfill the entirety of their contract obligation to CN Brown Electricity, LLC, Customer agrees to pay CN Brown Electricity, LLC a “Cost Recovery Fee” fee of $100 so as to offset the cost of any unused power purchased by CN Brown Electricity, LLC for the purposes of serving Customer’s accounts. This fee shall be charged per account.

5.       Billing: 

Your account will be billed through your utility company, on your regularly scheduled monthly invoice. Your utility company is Bangor Hydro Electric Co.

If Customer has any questions or concerns about any details of your electric service, other than the electricity rate charged by CN Brown Electricity, LLC, Customer should call their host utility company for assistance. Customer should also refer to their host utility in the event of a maintenance issue, power outage or general service question. 

6.       Termination: 

Customer may terminate this Agreement via written notice to CN Brown Electricity, LLC within thirty (30) days of contract expiration. If Customer does not notify Supplier of a desire to terminate within thirty (30) days prior to contract expiration, Supplier has the right to renew Customer for a subsequent contract term under Section 8 Renewal below. 

CN Brown Electricity, LLC reserves the right to terminate Customer account(s) for non- or partial payment of electricity account(s) that exceed thirty (30) days past due. In the event that Customer’s account is terminated by Supplier for failure to make prompt and full payment, Customer will be liable to Supplier for amounts owed as well the $100 ”Cost Recover  Fee” described in Section 4.

7.       Unpaid Balances and Late Payments: 

Late Payments and Charges associated therewith shall be decided in accordance with the terms and conditions set by Customer’s host utility company, as the billing agent for CN Brown Electricity, LLC. 

Customers on fixed priced programs with CN Brown Electricity, LLC that have more than one late payment recorded in a twelve (12) month period may be subject to a $0.002 rate increase for the duration of their contract, to be implemented at the discretion of CN Brown Electricity, LLC.

Any unpaid balances shall be reported to a collections agency if such balances are not satisfied within ninety (90) days of invoice. 

8.       Renewal: 

CN Brown Electricity, LLC has the right to renew Customer for an additional 12 month term at the Fixed Rate posted on CN Brown Electricity, LLC’s website at the time of renewal. CN Brown Electricity, LLC may opt to switch Customer to an alternative program depending upon market conditions at the time of renewal. In the event that CN Brown Electricity, LLC changes Customer’s pricing program (i.e. from fixed rate to month to month) CN Brown Electricity, LLC shall notify Customer via electronic or regular mail prior to the previous contract’s expiration. 

If Customer wishes to terminate their relationship with CN Brown Electricity, LLC at the expiration of their contract, or not renew, please see Section 6, Termination. 

9.       Information Release Authorization: 

Customer hereby authorizes CN Brown Electricity, LLC to review any and all information relating to Customer’s electricity account with their host utility company, including but not limited to usage history, payment history, load profile and any other account information Supplier deems pertinent for service.

Supplier reserves the right to refuse service for any Customers with outstanding or unpaid balances with the host utility company beyond thirty (30) days. Supplier may refuse service to any Customer that has had more than two late payments to the host utility company over the previous twelve (12) months. 

10.   Disclosure Label: 

Please find a copy of the CN Brown Electricity’s Disclosure Label online, if you do not have web access please contact CN Brown Electricity, LLC and request a hard copy via regular mail or a PDF version via electronic mail.

11.   Do Not Call List:

Information regarding the Do Not Call Registry, including instructions for sign up, maybe found at

12.   Assignment: 

CN Brown Electricity, LLC has the right to assign Customer contracts to a third party at their discretion. Customer, however, may not transfer or assign their rights or duties under this contract to anyone without the express written consent of CN Brown Electricity, LLC.

13.   Maine Public Utilities Commission: 

If you would like to contact the MPUC and register a complaint or seek advice their contact information is below:

You can enter your complaint online by visiting the consumer complaint form.

For more immediate assistance regarding the termination of your utility service, call their Consumer Assistance Hotline at 1-800-452-4699, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Or write: 

Maine Public Utilities Commission
Consumer Assistance Division
18 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0018